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Factory equipment and the process

Andaman Imports is Australia's premium supplier of quality Burmese Teak ~ boat decking, margin boards and solids.


We process this timber in our Coomera factory in South East Queensland.

We import flitches of teak which may come in sizes as large as 500mm x 200mm. It is then re-sawn on our thin kerf band saw machines to achieve the desired size and grain.

After sawing, the timber goes through our drying process. The teak is placed into one of our four operating kilns where the temperature is strictly controlled over a set period. It is kiln dried to a maximum of 12% moisture content. Our largest kiln has a capacity to dry 60 cubic metres at a time.

Once the teak timber has been dried to our high standards it is selected as either quarter sawn for boat decking and margins or backsawn for furniture / residential / commercial / fit-out use.

Our modern machinery facilities include the latest technology and equipment needed to provide our customers with the best service and material available.

Equipment includes, but is not limited to:

- three kiln dryers of 20 cubic metres each
- one kiln dryer of 60 cubic metres
- docking saws
- thin kerf multi cut saw
- two SCM moulders
- jointing machines
- two band / re-saws able to cut up to 450mm depth
- thicknesser machine
- 1.3m wide belt sander – containing three belts
  (enables fast and efficient sanding in one operation)
- CNC router
- huge racking facility

We boast the finest Burmese Teak wood manufacturing facility in Australasia, supported by specialist staff with many combined years of expertise.

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